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This course introduces the Bayesian approach to statistics, starting with the concept of probability and moving to the analysis of data. We will learn about the philosophy of the Bayesian approach as well as how to implement it for common types of data. We will compare the Bayesian approach to the more commonly-taught Frequentist approach, and see some of the benefits of the Bayesian approach. In particular, the Bayesian approach allows for better accounting of uncertainty, results that have more intuitive and interpretable meaning, and more explicit statements of assumptions. This course combines lecture videos, computer demonstrations, readings, exercises, and discussion boards to create an active learning experience. For computing, you have the choice of using Microsoft Excel or the open-source, freely available statistical package R, with equivalent content for both options. The lectures provide some of the basic mathematical development as well as explanations of philosophy and interpretation. Completion of this course will give you an understanding of the concepts of the Bayesian approach, understanding the key differences between Bayesian and Frequentist approaches, and the ability to do basic data analyses....

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Sep 01, 2017

Good intro to Bayesian Statistics. Covers the basic concepts. Workload is reasonable and quizzes/exercises are helpful. Could include more exercises and additional backgroung/future reading materials.


Jun 27, 2018

Great course. The content moves at a nice pace and the videos are really good to follow. The Quizzes are also set at a good level. You can't pass this course unless you have understood the material.

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por Ben N

Feb 24, 2019

A little heavy on the theory for my style of learning - would have appreciated more clear, applied examples in the lectures, but overall a good and informative course

por Yuanruo L

Nov 05, 2016

Good and simple introduction for Bayesian statistics.

por DR A N

Sep 04, 2017

The course was excellent !...Giving a good overview of the basics needed to navigate through this topic. However, it would have been really great if some specific examples with respect to medicine and public health practice were incorporated

por Steven S

Jul 07, 2017

Great course (and teacher). Assumes some basic highschool level for math. With experience in frequentist statistics, but not all the distributions this course was "easy" to follow.

por spencer r

Oct 01, 2016

There are several things in the course that were able to clear up my understanding. The course instructor responds to more questions than I would have expected as well. The course uses a lot of mathematical notation and it helps to take some time with it but once you get the idea of conjugate priors down you can quickly employ them in your own problems. The course covers conjugate priors for several different likelihoods including the normal distribution and the binomial distribution. Although the derivation of the conjugate priors looks daunting as it is written down, the usage of the priors make Bayesian statistics much easier.

This course uses R and Excel but is not a course in either. Most of the computations that are performed for the quizzes are pretty simple and require little skill in R.

I am glad that I have taken the course and would take another if provided by this instructor. I plan to reference the materials provided in the future whenever I need a refresher.

por Bojan B

Apr 10, 2017

Short course that's actually mostly theoretical with a bit of R/Excel analysis. This fitted my needs perfectly. My only suggestion is that they should have released more comprehensive notes for the lectures.

por Jose N d l R

Apr 17, 2017

I think that, besides lesson 11 and 12, everything was very well explained. I was a bit confused with lessons 11 and 12 since I am not new to econometrics. Perhaps I found it confusing the theory background related to the lessons themselves. Just my opinion, very good course.

por Michael D

Sep 11, 2018

the notes for the lectures are missing.

In my opinion the notes, which includes the video materials could be very useful.

the course was good. I learnt some new concepts in bayesian thinking.

por Lee V

Jul 12, 2019

The lectures were good but rattled-along at quite a speed, even with pausing and "rewinding" I still found it difficult to follow, esp towards the end. I think a short explanation at the start of the video explaining what was going to be covered, what its role was and where it fitted into the big picture might have helped (background is UK maths A-level 45yrs ago and a career on the fringes of science)

por Venkataraghavan P K

Feb 11, 2019

Loved the theory & analytical part of the course.

por Yildirim K

Jan 20, 2019

I would have given it 5 stars if some of the materials were covered more in depth (e.g. Jeffrey's prior). It seems like someone can dedicate a lot of time learning about how to apply it in different situations and in some instances I had to hunt for more in depth or simpler explanations for specific subjects (such as Jeffrey's prior) in other sources online. Overall the course is helpful and very useful and very well organized and gives a good amount of extra resources to read on but, I think it can become better if, the instructor did not rush through some of the subjects and spent more time explaining (especially towards the end of the course). The discussion forums help in these types of situations but, there will be a lot of searching dedicated to the specifics you are looking for. Overall an update to the course based on feedback of people that completed the course (from discussion forums) seems necessary. Adding an extra 5-10 minutes to some of the video contents can save the student from hours of research on the internet and confusion (sometimes due to the outside source). I'm not saying one should not spend time learning the material further from outside sources. Just saying the explanation might help avoid the confusion caused by looking into other sources.

por Raman K

Apr 08, 2017

Steep learning curve. really taxed my thinking capacity. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

por Gyuho S

Jun 29, 2018

It was a nice introduction course. Not too heavy. I really enjoyed it.

por mingzhuo

Aug 26, 2018

Though Bayesian statistics is not easy, and quite complex when dealing with prior and posterior. This class provides a good overview the the Bayesian statistics.

por Hu S

May 08, 2017

Overall a good course about Bayesian inference. Only suggestion would be to spend a bit more time explaining the interpretation behind the calculated numbers.

por Erfan A

Jun 13, 2017

This was a great introduction to bayesian statistic. I have background in Computer Science and Engineering but I have not yet been introduced to Bayesian Statistics. The Quizzes were where the learning was happening for me. Personally I learn the best when I code things up. I wish they had also included coding examples in Python (which is what I used for the quizzes) since that is one on the most popular languages for data science.

por David N

Jul 30, 2017

It was a really well taught class and I enjoyed watching it. Unfortunately I seem to lack some basic understanding, since I am not a statistician. Therefore I had problems following the course and had to do quite a bit of research to do on my own to get long. Still, I managed to get 100% correct on all quizzes and all honours quizzes. So it seems, that if you put in enough effort, you can get 100% on the course without understanding many things. This is not to say, that this course is easy, it took a LOT of effort, but it was possible. I will now investigate further to get all of the basics. Maybe I will come back and take this course as a refresher. Other than that I can whole-heartedly recommend this course. The presented material is very well organized and and presented and Professor Lee is a really good teacher.

por Piotr G

Jun 17, 2019

Very high quality course. Could use some modifications (e.g. few more applied examples for regression using specific priors, MCMC etc.) and implementing some simple metaphors to introduce some topics before jumping into the maths.

por Robert G

Jul 03, 2019

Overall great course, the last part (linear regression) seems somewhat disconnected from the rest of the course.

por Elguellab A

Jan 29, 2019

Likely course and practical: it help us to understand some basic notion for bayesian inference. But Some concepts are less clear and I think need more development and explication (like effective sample size, Jeffreys prior). Great job over all.

por Larry L E

Oct 05, 2016

I enjoyed the course. My background is mathematics, but not specifically statistics, though I do have a basic understanding of elementary frequentist statistics. My goal was to understand the fundamentals and uses of Bayesian statistics, having attempted that via a couple of textbooks without much success; this time, I got it!

I do have some reservations about the course. Herbie Lee spent a huge amount of time deriving formulas and methods - a few gaps (either hand waving or 'leave it to the student to finish') would have been helpful, I think. This would leave more time for examples and applications. But the course was well worth my time and effort.

por Francesco L

Feb 01, 2019

The topic of the course is very interesting and the subject warrants it. Yet, especially the coverage in the last week of the course appears to be shallow and too many concepts are pushed down as valid or true without a lot of theoretical justification. Besides, some of the interesting conclusions are part of the quizzes rather than an integral part of the lectures. I also think that a course like this should allow the students to receive more written material in the form of PDF files that would cover all the matters being explored. What is made available is fragmented and does not cover all the topics in an organic fashion. I believe the course could be improved substantially.

por A A

Nov 26, 2018

Would have liked more problem solving and real-world application examples.

por sokunsatya s

May 31, 2018

Overall, it's Ok. but the explanation is too short and incomplete.

por Olexandr L

Jul 01, 2017

It was quite difficult to learn from just the material provided here, and I had to look for info on the web. Also, adding modern real life examples and going into detail would make this course better