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Welcome to AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk! This course will give you an overview of security best practices when developing and managing applications on AWS. The course, created by AWS experts and delivered by AWS Solutions Architects, uses video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes to dive deep on concepts about security on AWS. You will learn about the concept of “least privilege” and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, as well as view demonstrations of Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Secrets Manager, and cross-account access. We encourage IT professionals and leaders who are interested in learning about best practices for securing an AWS environment and applications developed on AWS to enroll in this course. Before taking this course, we recommend you complete AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud Native ( Class forums will also allow you to ask questions and interact with AWS training instructors....

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16 de ago de 2020

The course covers a lot of content and there is a lot of supplementary information that is part of the reading material and must be covered to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


3 de mai de 2020

Excellent Experience. Couldn't expect anything better. Both the instructors were cheerful throughout the duration of the course and made me build my colony on MARS. Thanks from Elon Musk as well.

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por Stefano S

14 de mai de 2020

Needs more practical example

por chaitanya k

17 de jul de 2020

Should be more explainatory

por Erion

16 de set de 2020

Falta de conteúdo prático.

por Alberto

23 de jul de 2020

I miss more demo labs

por Kai N

27 de fev de 2022

The course is more like a "these are the features and tools we offer". If you expect to get hands-on experience, you'll be disappointed. The videos are short and rush through topics, the reading sections are often merely overviews and links to the AWS online documentation, and each section leaves lots of questions unanswered. Some exam questions are insanely hard because they are not covered in the videos or the "readings" sections. They expect you to read the AWS online documentation in great detail but not tell you when to stop. It is not particularly helpful to display a short note "2/3 of the students don't pass on their first attempt" either, but that's a Coursera thing. There are no explanations in the exams, so you have no idea what the correct answer is. I went to the online documentation for the correct answers afterwards but could not find them. I still don't know the correct answer for some questions, despite getting them wrong twice; still two more possibilities.

por camilo z

8 de set de 2020

I like covered topics but I feel that I didn't get the capacity to apply that knowledge. Practical labs should be included and not just simple examples. I appreciate the effort of both teachers to make the course nice, but for me as not native English language, it was difficult to keep the line of the conversation. Technical language is easier to understand for me that all that bees topic.

por Robert C

15 de jun de 2020

Important math; too much included in each short video so as to explain what was being introduced, instructors we’re more concerned about bee jokes than adequately conveying new knowledge to newbies.

por Ashish K P

11 de mai de 2020

1) Concepts were not explained in detail. They expected us to know most things, or read most things on our own.

2) One of the instructor's accent was difficult to understand.

por Ronan S

8 de set de 2020

Essentially a presentation of the catalog of AWS services, not really an hands-on training or a course on how to address security risk in the cloud.

por Brian G

3 de mai de 2020

I found the course poorly structured and the presentation weak. Hongs English was excellent but her strong accent made her very difficult to follow.

por Nourhan m s

18 de set de 2020

The course needs some practice on the given info , and more clearer explanation in a simple way for those concepts .

por Zecheng W

21 de jul de 2020

Too many concepts and features of AWS have been packed into the plain reading of documents by lecturers.

por Peter H

17 de jan de 2021

for a non-native english speaker it is really hard to understand several times :(

por Elijah N

15 de jun de 2020

It provides what you need but not in a preferable manner.

por Jainil R S

19 de jul de 2020

To much theory and very less very less lab sessions


25 de mai de 2020

Language of Trainers was not very clear.

por A D

7 de mai de 2020

the content was very poor

por Deleted A

20 de abr de 2022

As someone who paid out-of-pocket for this course, it was most dissapointing and appeared to have been low effort (they just linked to the AWS main page and expect you to keep clicking until you get to a potential quiz topic.) The most effective strategy was to start with the quiz and Google my way backwards and use YouTube videos to get a better analysis of topics covered (Be A Better Developer requires an insane amount of credit for producing this content for free). The discussion forums are useless as the last known post in the forums I used were months behind (and questions were left unanswered) - and there was no means of communicating with an instructor directly. It felt like the instructors spent more time coming up with the Bee themed videos than on course material; which is a harsh thing to say, but only because I believe they were far more capable and knowledgeable than how the course was presented. Another example of a frustration was the emphasis on "checking out the resource section". I interpreted this to mean the Reading sections of class, since I was unable to locate a section called Resources.

por Sumit K

25 de jan de 2021

The most pathetic course I have ever seen on coursera. The presenters were just throwing jargons . If you want to teach us AWS services then you should at least show us how do they look like . Doing absurd talks will not serve any purpose here. There were few abstract demos which did not help. On the top of that one presenter was irritating. Total wastage of money.

por Pineapple P

27 de ago de 2020

If you do not have something already on AWS that needs to be secured, this is course is really not that much helpful. You will be "advertised" various security features on AWS but they not exciting. This is a very boring course in my view unless your are a security guy that needs to know how to get things to work on AWS.

por Romano L

3 de fev de 2021

Topics are not explained clearly - very few diagrams/summaries - just parroting words out. English is indecipherable at times and notes are inaccurate. Very disappointing course as the initial 'going native' course was excellent. And as for the bee theme.......just ridiculous

por Alexey M

28 de jan de 2021

This is some kind of version of gaslighting where you listen to VM, DB and other services and see honey, bees and aliens... Previous course was amazing, this one is terrible

por Rishabh T

8 de mai de 2020

This seems more like a promotional videos of AWS products. Instructors meaningless example of bees and bad explanation of the content makes it even more worse.

por Konstantin K

12 de set de 2021

Very shallow course and the bee theme is very distractive and does not work to explain security concepts. Is this course for kids?

por Sriharsha

25 de dez de 2020

This course is a prime example of how forced diversity can lower the quality of a product/service.