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Understanding the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their implications for behavior, learning and the ability to process information is critical for anyone working or interacting with those on the spectrum -- educators, clinicians, counselors, therapists, medical staff, family and employers. This course will give you a fundamental understanding of what ASD is, how it is diagnosed, the primary areas of impairment, and why prevalence is increasing. Examine the developmental and sensori-motor differences that may impact academic, play, social and self-help skills at different stages of life, including the transition to higher education and employment. Gain a clear understanding of how sensory regulation differs for individuals on the spectrum, and explore practical tools for identifying triggers and communicating feelings. Learn to use evidence-based practices to provide effective interventions and explore typical strengths and weaknesses of individuals on the spectrum in relation to identified impairments. The course culminates with a description of the ASD system of care, an overview of the National Standards Report studies and treatments, and an explanation of how evidence-based practices are established and implemented. Those seeking a more in-depth, instructor-led experience are encouraged to check out the Professional Concentration in Autism offered by UC Davis Extension:

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Feb 14, 2016

Very interesting and informative. I taught children with special needs for 33 years. I think this course would be very helpful to new teachers and anyone interested in learning basic info on ASD.


Sep 15, 2017

Loved the videos, lots of good material. Wish there had been more discussion, but I was so busy, I might not have been able to participate very much. Overall helpful and useful in my profession.

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por Josanne W

May 22, 2020

Very useful course. Well explained.

por Preeti

Jan 29, 2017

Informative for beginners

por Belkova L

Apr 13, 2020

Great basic information

por Pandora R

Oct 10, 2019

I enjoyed this course.

por Olaf

Aug 18, 2018

Too much USA focus.

por Oxana T

Dec 23, 2016

nice but too short.

por Kyle D M

Mar 11, 2019

Wonderful course !

por Stephen B

Dec 02, 2016

Excellent course

por Jessica F

Jan 04, 2019

Great overview!


Jun 06, 2018


por Salau R A

Jan 10, 2016


por Joydip M

Oct 17, 2017

A good course in terms of content that is shared. Not so good in terms of pedagogy and teaching method. Doing this course is equivalent to listening someone Voicing power point slides on the screen word for word 90% of the time. That is not why most of us join these courses but that is what comprises 90% of the instruction. Balance 10% comprises short videos and interviews with esteemed personalities from Mind Institute, parents of autistic children and of course, Temple Grandin - that is the part worth spending time on. Also the test questions are very poorly set. Why is it important to have 5 questions in a quiz, of which 2 are asking - what percentage of children need this or that - basically testing rote memory of autism statistics? How exactly does that help learning? Note - I did pass all the tests and the course with flying colors - so this is an impartial observation :)

por Bethany B

Oct 16, 2016

In general, I enjoyed the contents of the course. It's a general overview that introduces all aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder which is exactly what I wanted. However, half of the final week is a list of established and emerging practices, so this was quite boring. I could have read them off the screen faster.

My least favorite aspect of this course is that you can't take the quizzes without buying the certificate. Currently, the certificate won't assist me; I simply wanted to learn more about ASD so as to be more informed. This was quite frustrating because I use the quizzes as a means of checking my understanding and retention of the material.

por Katharine A

Jan 06, 2016

Very helpful information particularly in the earlier weeks. I found the last couple weeks less helpful because of the large quantity of listed interventions without elaboration/examples - I did read the attached report but would have found it helpful to see some of the interventions demonstrated either via a video or diagram. Temple Grandin is a great documentary and I appreciated hearing her perspective regarding tactile sensitivity. She's also a great example of a person with autism who has developed her strengths and worked around her weaknesses and is a highly functional and successful individual. Overall enjoyed this class. Thanks!

por Wendy G

May 12, 2020

It seems like a good course, with lots of information. However, it is presented so quickly that I am unable to take adequate notes. Points are also made in a circular way, stating a few points and then coming back to each point with more detail, then coming back to those sub-points again. It's very difficult to follow. Finally, some of the extra videos had such poor quality, I couldn't make out what was being said.


por Upasana B

May 25, 2020

The content of the course was very interesting, but it was not something "unique" as such. I am a student of psychology, and most of the content covered is in my basics, so not much seemed challenging. But taken as a course that aims to inform the general population, it did a good job.

por Bhrigu M

Mar 11, 2019

Good course covers everything related to ASD ,I feel the lecture goes at a very fast pace without explaining much. anyhow I completely enjoyed the course I being a special educator is confident enough this course has widened my horizons. Thanks to the UC Davis mind institute team.

por Sylvana C v Z

Jun 10, 2020

Interesting material. The course stays on a introductionairy/beginner level, and fails to go deeper. Course finished in a couple hours. Potential to improve by adding more material, scientific articles. Many aspects of the ASD are not discussed in this course, it's not complete

por Ana L d F G

May 30, 2020

O curso foi interessante e contribui para o aumento do meu conhecimento enquanto técnica, mas considero que contém pouca informação técnica sobre as desregulações, principalmente sensoriais e mentais, e que contém demasiada informação estatística e de investigação.

por Elizabeth N

Feb 15, 2016

Could be more computer friendly. Had good information but hard to engage because the majority of the lectures are just powerpoints with the professor talking over them.

por Ana C M B

Mar 13, 2017

There are some errors on the quizzes in between the videos. I had to skip a lot of them because it wound't accept the correct answer. I liked the testimonial videos.

por Julie D

Mar 17, 2018

It's very focused on the American system. (which isn't bad, but it's not for me.)

there are problems with the sound not fitting with the image shown sometimes

por Andrea J V

Mar 12, 2018

The material was good, but I really think access to the quizzes should be free. Especially since so many lectures all but advertised the UCDavis centre.

por Pat D

Jul 07, 2016

The course had some useful content, but there was too much time spent on USA centred materials for an iavailabe course.

por Sara A

Oct 05, 2017

Good course ... but it gives so basic information. I wish it gives more deep and specialized information about autism.