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This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about modern astronomy. We will help you get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries while also providing support at an introductory level for those who have no background in science....

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12 de Mar de 2021

I really enjoyed working through the modules of this course. The material was interesting and enlightening. The self-paced format worked well for me and I will look for similar courses going forward.

14 de Dez de 2020

I really enjoyed working through the modules of this course. The material was interesting and enlightening. The self-paced format worked well for me and I will look for similar courses going forward.

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por Eric Y

28 de Abr de 2017

Chris Impey eases into the subject of astronomy, with increasingly difficult subject matter as the course proceeds. However, he is very methodical and plain (in a good way) in his language, and his videos are a joy to watch. I started this course already interested in amateur astronomy and learned a lot of new things about the technology and methodology in astronomy. I'd recommend this to anyone who is really interested in astronomy. Be prepared to make a not insignificant commitment, because the course is nearly four months long! Time well spent in my opinion. Thank you to all who made this course possible.

por David B

13 de Ago de 2017

I have taken 5 or 6 online courses through Coursera and this have proven to be the most interesting of the lot. I enjoyed the professor's delivery style and all the topics that were covered. I had little knowledge of Astronomy before taking the course and now feel I have a much better insight into outer space. Great job Professor Impey and those that assisted. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining a broader knowledge in science. You do not need to have any previous knowledge of Astronomy to be successful in this course and to gain knowledge from this great course.

por SAI P S R

5 de Dez de 2020

Very good course. Had a good experience. very happy that I have completed the course. Thanks respectful Mr. Chris Imprey. His teaching made this course interesting. The materials provided were so useful to complete this course. I have learnt many things from this couse. This course not only gives information about astronomy. But also about different branches of Astronomy. Thanks for this valuable and worthy course. The point it is free is so good that anybody who are interested in astronomy can learn this course. I would recommend this course to my friends and neighbours. Thanks once again !

por David G J C B

6 de Set de 2020

I have nothing but positive thoughts for this course. Astronomy is a challenging topic and I went into the course with no major knowledge apart from what you can usually watch on TV or read on an occasional article, but the material is presented in a logical sequence and explained in clear ideas that help to grasp the topic. The Professor's delivery is excellent and very natural; as he is an absolute expert, he can explain complicated concepts in simpler terms.

This course is great for someone who has great curiosity for the field of astronomy and wants to take a little extra step into it.

por Sue W

13 de Abr de 2021

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this course, in fact I'm sorry that it is over ! Thankyou, Dr Impey, for your truly excellent presentations. As an educator myself, I appreciate your style, and use of supplementary material wherever necessary. The course is so well constructed, so that I feel that I have learned a great deal, and a real interest has been awakened, so that I will continue to explore and discover as far as I possibly can. Thankyou so much, it has been an absolute pleasure to follow this course, and I recommend it to anyone who has the chance to do it.

por Aleksandar M

26 de Mai de 2018

This course is a must for everyone interested in astronomy with very little to no prior knowledge. The instructor has huge experience in education and is clearly very familiar with the most common misconceptions people have. To me it was a fascinating journey from Earth, through our Solar system, to the most distant quasars. It also follows the Copernican revolution from the Heliocentric system, to Multiverse and Simulation theory.

Quizzes are not that hard, but there are some assignments to write. Some videos you might want to watch couple of times to fully understand them.

por Katherine K

26 de Jul de 2020

I have an affection for space material and this astronomy course makes me fall in love with the realms beyond, all the more. The thought of many quizzes and essays did scare me initially, but it helps the student/learner to recap on the information presented. Professor Chris Impey is great at teaching/sharing and I would readily watch these again. Unfortunately the live Q&A (?) sessions are not suitable for my timing so I've not attended those before. I hope that more people will discover the wonder of the universe with this course and a greater appreciation for the stars.

por Vatsala S

17 de Ago de 2020

An excellent course for astronomy enthusiasts or for people trying to learn something new, this course has excellent teaching material. Prof. Chris Impey clearly explains all most everything from the big bang to the future of our universe, the rich history of astronomy and the basics of quantum physics (only enough to understand the course material). Professor also adds a personal touch to the course and makes it more interesting by using pop culture references or showing videos. The only downside is that the quizzes are not very hard, either way I thoroughly enjoyed it.

por Peter A B

30 de Nov de 2020

I cannot believe how much I learned from this course. I was thinking it was going to more of a course about our planets and where they are located in the sky. I didn't even realize until after I signed up that it was 11 weeks long. Many other courses were 6 weeks. Firstly, professor Impey is by far the best professor I have ever listened to. He talked about stuff that was way over my head and made me understand it by the time he was done. The course material is very indepth at no time did I feel like it was too much for me to understand. Thank you for that. Excellent.

por Anwesh B

19 de Nov de 2020

Thank you for this excellent course Dr. Chris Impey and team! I'm a budding research scientist in the intersection of Astronomy and Computer Science. I didn't have the opportunity to pursue a formal course in Astronomy due to a lack of credits at my Univeristy. Although this course isn't mathematically detailed, I've gained a sufficiently broad view of the field, and it is more than I could ask for. The material is excellent, intellectually challenging, and humourous on multiple occasions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in Astronomy!


16 de Jul de 2019

Having just finished the course successfully, I would recommend it to anyone who loves astronomy. Coming from a different scientific field , but with a great love for astronomy, I feel that this course clarified a lot of meanings and introduced me to great concepts. And although English is not a native language, the course as well as all visualizations and material used, were very clear. Professor Impey is very well understood and does not use technical details that could confuse. Thanks Professor Impey and the Steward Observatory Teaching Team!

por Frank B

13 de Ago de 2016

The astronomy course exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal from the video lectures and the astrpoedia textbook. I was surprised that preparing for the essay questions was also a good source for added knowledge in researching for the assignments. I am indebted to Chris Impey for the excellent lectures and course. Everything was well presented and explained well but I could not get up to understand much of the last lesson – Life in the Universe.

In summary, great course and recommend it without reservations. Kudos and thanks to Chris Impey.

por Julie B

18 de Abr de 2021

Fascinating, well put together, with a great professor. I'm sad it's finished and I want more! I've always loved theoretical physics, astronomy, space and the dimension of time so I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered this course title. Chris Impey didn't disappoint. Even though I sadly followed a different education route due to my perceived inability to master maths at no point did I feel out of my depths. This course is manageable for anyone with a passion to explore time and space. If you are thinking about signing up, make it so!

por ach r

16 de Ago de 2020

Night sky amazed me since I was a 5-year-old girl. Ever since I read and study anything related to astronomy whenever I get a chance. Even though I wanted to end up as an astronomer, I ended up as an IT professional. but you never know right? Some dreams never die! Anyway, This course is one of the best that I have come across and it was an honor to meet the brilliant professor Impey even through the course. Thank you so much for this amazing course professor and you are the best! I hope our paths will come across again through another course!

por Taylor M

24 de Nov de 2020

Very good course. Professor is extremely knowledgable. The course went over extra detail then I expected to be covered, so I was pleasantly surprised with how much I was able to learn about our understanding of the universe. The course is very good for understanding a broad plethora of topics related to astronomy and astrophysics. The only change I might make is in making more clear how dated some of the research is the explains the course content. Many times, it was tough to tell if what was being taught was the most current knowledge or not.

por Leyla M

21 de Jan de 2021

Dear Professor Chris Impey and Christy Reed!

Since childhood I have been fond of astronomy. Astronomy is everything for me. I have taken several courses to study this science. But my favorite course was your course. Of course, I am very happy to learn from Professor Chris Impey. Thank you for taking the time to teach us astronomy lovers. Thanks for creating this course. Thanks for organizing online discussions. Thanks also to our mentor Christie Reed. It helps students a lot.

Thanks again!

21st century, 21st year, 21 January, at 21:21. :)

por Tracy C

8 de Set de 2019

Brilliant course, really interesting. Professor Chris Impey has clearly put a great deal of thought and work into it and is a fantastic lecturer - very easy to listen to (which is important when you are feeling tired after a day at work!). The regular, live youtube sessions were an unexpected bonus and more than I would have ever expected for a course that was to all intents and purposes free. Thank you so much, not least for maintaining my interest through a busy summer and getting me to the end (many before have failed!).

por Joshua G

21 de Fev de 2021

This was a highly enjoyable and informative course. My one suggestion would be to add in time estimates for what it would take to actually read the accompanying textbook supplemental materials, as doing so would greatly enhance what is learned from the course videos. I would like go back and read those, because I definitely did not have the time to do so during most weeks. However, I found the estimates to be pretty accurate for simply viewing the course lectures, taking the quizzes, and completing the writing assignments.

por Anveshak S

2 de Jun de 2020

Phew, 11 week time isn't short. It was challenging I won't lie. BUT at the end of the day throughout, there was satisfaction. This course is beautifully laid out giving you a truly mesmerizing journey but on top of all that was professor Impey's enthusiasm that made this material come to life. I thank him and his team who have been working all these years for online sessions and forums to give their learners a colourful experience throughout. AND I bet everyone taking this course that you'll be amazed.

Happy learning☺️

por Zahraa

31 de Out de 2020

Pf. Chris Impey is an amazing teacher who explains almost everything you ever wanted to know about astronomy and space in general. This course covered things beyond what I expected, from the scientific method to the possibility of aliens in space and everything in between. In addition to that, the professor himself takes some of his time to answer any questions you have through his one hour live sessions on youtube. I highly recommend taking this course if you are interested in all things space.

por Venkata V V K

6 de Jul de 2020

Prof. Chris Impey has very well helped me in learning this course in fact I'm a curious astronomy aspirant. His teachings and explanations helped me to know very well in detail of the astronomy in each aspect and i personally thank my professor sir Chris Impey for helping me and completing this course with many newly developed skills your teachings helped me in developing my enthusiastic knowledge over astronomy more. And i further look into your live sessions. Thank you sir and to the team :-)

por Ignacio d l P

27 de Mai de 2018

Great course, material is great and extensive. Recommended for people who have some interest but not a lot of knowledge in astronomy and would like to get a wide view of the field. One thing noting, although it doesn't take away from the overall experience, is that it is a bit outdated, as it was made in 2013-2014. It wouldn't take much to update the lecture slides letting students know the current state of things. Once again, it's not a big deal, and you should research online anyway. 5/5.

por Shivam S

29 de Ago de 2020

Today I completed this amazing Astronomy course in 2 month. Initially I try to complete the course within 1 month but as the course going on my mind didn't ready to accept all the theories like string theory, 10th dimension, Brane, Drake, Big Bang drawback, expansion of universe at speed more than light, exoplanets like earth and many more.

During the study, headache occurr in mind, but I tried to learn all these.

Thankyou Coursera, Prof. Imphey & Christy Mam for this wonderful journey.


19 de Jul de 2020

Even though human life scale is negligible small as compared to our universe, our intelligence is what will cover the gap. And courses like these not only inspire us to research but also motivates us that we still have a long road to achieve greatness and this might not be achieved by fighting and talking on this pale blue dot. I am very much pleased by your content Prof. Chris . Hope you keep on making such content and our search for our better selves will continue beyond.

por Natasha J

14 de Jun de 2019

This course is a perfect beginners guide to astronomy. It's simple enough to follow yet detailed enough to give you a real sense of the field. The video lectures and readings are interesting and well organised in week by week topics. The assignments are challenging without being too time consuming. Professor Impey holds live YouTube question and answer sessions almost monthly, giving you direct access to him.

I found this course engaging, satisfying and truly educational.