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This class will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality (AR), and how to build an AR experience using ARCore. Through the four week course, you'll learn: - How to identify different types of AR experiences - Tools and platforms used in the AR landscape - What makes AR feel "real" - Popular use cases for AR - How to create an AR use flow - How AR experiences work - Tools like Google Poly and Unity to build AR experiences - Next steps to start building an AR experience using ARCore and other tools This course will break down complex AR concepts to make them easy to understand, while also sharing expert tips and knowledge from Daydream's ARCore team. The course is great for beginners who are just getting started with AR or ARCore....

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1 de jun de 2021

this is the best course to learn , if you are interested in augmented reality , i gives you the basic knowledge of what augmented reality is and what resources you need to start your AR dev journey.


27 de nov de 2020

This is a great course especially for a newbie to know the overview of AR and ARCore. This also can help expand the knowledge on how to use AR in better ways which are not solely for entertainment.

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8 de set de 2020


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30 de dez de 2019


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19 de jun de 2020


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19 de abr de 2020



30 de jun de 2020


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8 de mai de 2020


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27 de jan de 2020


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18 de dez de 2018


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18 de jun de 2022


por HARISH D S - E

12 de ago de 2020


por Joshua J

17 de jul de 2018

This is a good intro for someone who is literally brand new to the field and who hasn't looked into AR/ARCore at all, but I was expecting more to the course than just familiarizing with the concept. Maybe I misread the description, but I anticipated hands-on with actually making an ARCore app. As a result, I feel I wasted my $29; I already knew most, if not all, the information in the course and I don't see the benefit of a certificate for it.

If you're looking for just high level information on ARCore and AR in general and considerations to keep in mind, etc., this is a great course for you. If you, like me, are wanting a hands-on course ending in an actual app, you'll be disappointed, lol.

por Daniel L V

29 de dez de 2021

Es un curso que permite conocer las bases más importantes para desarrollar esperiencias inmersivas con la realidad aumentada, considerando la aplicación que cada uno de los participantes decida darle a la realidad aumentada; no obstante, no realicé ningún ejercicio usando ARCore, simplemente obtuve una información muy valiosa e importante que me permitió conocer que implica la realidad aumentada y sus usos; me hubiese gustado que se tuviera la oportunidad de aplicar lo mencionado en el curso haciendo uso de ARCore; además de que se debe actualizar el mismo, en relación al uso de Poly Google, porque a 29 de diciembre de 2021, ésta plataforma ya no se encuentra en funcionamiento.

por Joel S

13 de ago de 2018

The last week seemed to cram a lot of info while unnecessarily repeating certain points. One of the video presenters in the last week was hard to understand and even the video transcript had typos and errors due to her pronunciation. It became very technical at the end instead of gradually becoming more so. The first two weeks were way too light on information and the entire course felt like an elaborate advertisement. That being said, I'm glad I took this course and I know feel like I have a better understanding of Augmented Reality, although I recognize I have an immense amount to learn before I can work in the field.

por Kevin H L

30 de dez de 2020

Teaches basic concepts, which is fine. I had expected getting more hands-on exercises in order to learn how to actually build AR experiences with the ARCore tools. The quality of the quizzes is fairly low, and seems more like an afterthought, or something that the creators were forced to do. The questions are very basic, often feels slightly unrelated to the lessons, or sometimes even refers to stuff that weren't in the lessons.

Overall 3/5: I know more about technical concepts in AR than I did before, and that's great, but I had expected to gain a bit more concrete experience with the tools presented and taught.

por Simone S

4 de set de 2020

This course does not have super engaging content - involves watching a bunch of videos with most presenters sitting reading auto cue with low energy. Written course material is dry and one of the last pages goes well beyond beginner level. No practical exercises either. Quizzes are based on rote learning requiring you to memorise key facts from the videos/readings, rather than think in a more abstract way. One of my least favourite online courses - I hope this doesn't reflect Google courses in general.

por Yza S

29 de jun de 2018

For introduction, I learned something about AR because of the course structure. But I'm looking for introduction references to how to develop AR app via ARCore and actually create one. If I can't get it from this course, I would expect to at least be provided with links to tutorial videos to create apps in ARCore. I am an absolute beginner and would like to create AR app using Unity and ARCore but I feel this course is not enough and did not meet my expectation.

por Tyler T

28 de jul de 2022

When they call it an introduction, it really is just that. What's covered is extremely surface-level, basically for people who heard the words "augmented reality" and wanted to know more about it. It mostly teaches vocabulary and shows off an app that was made with ARCore, but doesn't teach anything about actually making an app and such. What it does teach, it teaches very well, but it teaches very little.

por Brian T

14 de nov de 2020

This course was essentially an advertisement for ARCore. There was sufficient background to understand the discussion of issues with AR and the limitations, but not to be prepared to download and start using ARCore. I expect that a set of youtube tutorials exist from a family of supportive users, I was just surprised that this course didn't include a walkthrough of building a basic AR app.

por yashWARdhan

23 de ago de 2020

The course was very good introduction into AR, explaining what can we do with present AR tech , what are the technical problem that are need to solved , factors affecting total immersion like low lighting ,spatial mapping ,occlusion,etc

the video were short and neat.

only disadvantage is the program fails to pave a path for us to start learning AR.

por Mehran A

25 de nov de 2021

It is a good and simple course to learn about AR technology and how Google ARCore is making it easier for developers to implement this technology but this course is outdated in some modules like google poly has been shut down and Sceneform is also retiring. this course should be re-visited by instructors to make it up-yo-date.

por david b

27 de fev de 2019

Useful intro to ARCore. I was hoping it would get more technical and tutorial-like, instead of reiterating terminology from the first week again in the third, but I am still thankful for this course. I imagine the problem is that one cannot legally give tutorials on software you don't own? Am I right? Anyway, I am on my way.

por Odette

4 de fev de 2020

This was an ok introduction to AR but very, very basic. I didn't realize that it was really a glorified introduction to Google's ARCore product and am glad that I didn't pay $30 for the certificate. I would guess that someone is reviewing the "discussion" questions for ideas and trends of ideas.

por Andrea C

30 de jan de 2020

Some of the presenters' English pronunciation were difficult to understand, and the transcripts below the video was frequently incorrect (as it had probably been automatic dictation instead of true closed captioning). This is a real issue for hard of hearing and visual learners.

por Ramon H

31 de jul de 2020

As informative as it is, I was expecting to be able to be guided through at least simulations rather than being taught terminologies. I understand that there might be some necessary hardware to do so as well, but I felt that should've been required for this course.