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Animal welfare has been described as a complex, multi-faceted public policy issue which includes important scientific, ethical, and other dimensions. Improving our understanding of animal welfare, involves the fascinating study of animal behavior as well as the challenge of accessing the emotions of animals. This is the On-Demand version of this course, which means you can start the course at any time and work through the course materials at your own pace. The materials and quizzes will always be available to you. You can come and talk about the course on Twitter using the hashtag #EdAniWelf...

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21 de jun de 2020

This course was very informative and interesting! I enjoyed the lectures as well as the instructors and also loved that it focused on many different kinds animal welfare issues. Definitely recommend!


27 de abr de 2020

Its a nicely designed course. It sheds light on many animal care practices and welfare. Very well instructions and quiz sessions are arranged. Many important learnings and takeaways from the course.

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por Alicia N

8 de dez de 2021

G​reat portion of knowledge together with tutor's experience was provided in that course. I did learn things which I wasn't even aware regarding animal welfare. It is quite thought-provoking course.

por shirel

27 de dez de 2018

Extremely beneficial to anybody who wants to have their questions about animal welfare answered! I have learned so much and wish to use this knowledge to improve the welfare of animals.

por Kaylee E P

2 de mar de 2019

I've learned a lot from this course. I strongly recommend anyone interested in animal welfare and behaviour spend some time taking this course!

por clare c

14 de mar de 2019

Very informative and well written course that is engaging and straightforward to follow. Can highly recommend to anyone with an inter

por Usha V G B

12 de fev de 2019

I learned a lot of great information. Well done to my teachers, and thankyou!!!! Usha Valerie Grace Bailey

por Kimberley G

12 de mar de 2019

Well designed, insightful, comprehensive. A great introduction into animal behaviour!

por Hui-Yu W

20 de out de 2018

Very informative and comprehensive

por David

10 de abr de 2019

well labeled and taught course

por Na Y K

10 de jul de 2018


por Rachel V

21 de mar de 2019

very long and same information is restated each week. basic knowledge of animal welfare allows you to complete tests without reading the information

por Emily R B

6 de jun de 2020

I learned a lot but I think this course should have been more challenging as far as the quizzes go... :(

por Arno S

25 de out de 2019

Maybe valuable for someone who doesn't know much about animals.

por Conker C

5 de set de 2021

not challenging enough

por Patrick H

24 de set de 2016

Interesting topics, and some good information presented on a variety of issues for many animals and situations. However, presented info is often vague and generalized, some sections discuss very little scientific data to back up claims made, and course is generally not very rigorous or challenging.

por Farah E

2 de fev de 2017

Not very useful. Somehow general.

por Natalie E H

22 de mai de 2016

*No Stars*

Another boring animal class that I would not recommend. The teachers do seem nice and well educated however it is still too boring and slow for me.

por Muhammad Q

14 de mai de 2020

this course was free now a days, but now demanding 49 dollars.............very poor..............

por Melinda B

13 de nov de 2015

Video's have no sound

por Seyed m a r s

16 de jan de 2022

Hello, I am Mohammad Amin. I live in Iran. The economic situation of my country is not good. I need to participate in this course to strengthen my resume. I am going to study at a European university. I love veterinary medicine. Please help me so that I can help animals and be a useful human being. The cost of obtaining this degree is high in my country. We make money with difficulty. My father is a worker and he wants me to be a veterinarian. Receiving a degree in this course helps me to study veterinary medicine at a European university. Please accept my request. I have to get this degree. I'm not rich, but with this degree I can be a better human being to serve animals. May God support you. Thanks to the good Coursera team. I hope I can repay your kindness. i love coursera. i love Edinburgh. i love Veterinary

por Kathy L

29 de out de 2017

This course gave me a lot of things to think about. For example, the stereotypies exhibited by animals that have had negative experiences reminded me of how some people with autism display stereotypies in their response to sensory stimulation (either hyporeactivity or hyper-reactivity). That might be an interesting thing to explore neurologically, but I know very little about neurology, so hopefully a specialist somewhere will make the connection. Also, I have eleven indoor cats that I believe are in need of more interaction from me and mental stimulation in their environment. I need to work on this. They are all safe from the crazy drivers where I live, but I want them to have fulfilling lives. I guess that's my conundrum: How do my husband and I work and keep my cats happy at the same time?

por Katie S

17 de mar de 2020

I went into this course thinking it would confirm my beliefs that we shouldn't eat animals. However, I have come to learn that it's not just about the ethics - we're called to look at things from an objective view as well when considering how animal feel, think, react, or why they behave the way they do. It definitely opened my eyes to logical ways of observing and providing for animals that are being raised for foods. I still don't eat meat, but I am more at ease knowing that there are measures put in place for animal welfare based on research and data that suggests animals had a say in how they are housed / treated. I also don't feel as "emotional" or subjectively angry about these things. I'm just glad we've made progress and we're continuing to make progress!

por Alisha D

22 de jul de 2020

As an A-Level student (Year 12), who is hoping to go on and study veterinary medicine, this course was very interesting and informative. Due to the Coronavirus my work experience has been put on hold so this course will provide me with a topic to discuss in my vet school interviews. Although it may seem daunting to start a course with seven weeks, I completed it in five days whilst still taking my time to make notes and fully comprehend the material. I would encourage anyone considering taking this course to do so because it will help with your understanding and view on animals which you can use in your daily life (especially if you have a pet of your own).

por Morgan F

24 de jul de 2020

IF you want a better understanding of what animals of go through this course will provide you with the knowledge and realization. That you might think animals have a pretty nice life, but no. In this course we learn about there welfare needs and there five freedoms that they desire.

Before I took this course I truly believed animals were living a pretty nice live, but after seeing the videos and these amazing perfessors and researches discuss and explain some of the negatives animals have to live with. I am proud to say, this course has opened my eyes to see the true and that everyday people are trying to fix the animals welfare.

por Daniela B P

18 de jul de 2020

The course was amazing, all the content was pertinent but also very interesting, focusing on a lot of topics that even me, as a veterinarian, never put into perspective and never actually gave such deep thought about. All the experts seems very nice and professional, they all talk very fluently with great terminology that, even though english is not my first language (Greetings from Colombia!), it wasn't difficult to understand.

Thank you so much to all the experts for sharing their knowledge with us. Keep the great work!

I enjoyed the course very much and hope to see more in the future!

por Jorge R G C

10 de fev de 2016

The course was very concise and accessible. I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of people involved in the course, each one of them presenting their field of expertise. Sometimes a quiz-based course can be a bit dull, but the hangouts and comments let you question certain topics or practices and add depth to the discussion. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a brief, general introduction to animal behaviour and welfare (do keep in mind that it is not an animal ethics course, but the information provided can help you question or strengthen ethical positions).