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In this first course of The Pronunciation of American English specialization, you will learn and practice all of the consonant sounds of American English, including some pairs of consonants that are especially tricky. Each week you will receive practical advice from successful English learners and practice an effective technique called shadowing to improve your pronunciation of consonant sounds. You will also have opportunities to record yourself and to respond to the recordings of other learners. Only learners who pay for the course will be able to take the graded quizzes or submit assignments for feedback. The free version provides access to the lectures and practice activities only....

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8 de dez de 2020

I enjoyed the class very much! It has given me extensive review of consonant sounds of English and challenged me to hone my fluency through shadowing exercises. Thank you so much Professors!


19 de jan de 2021

The course strengthen the pronunciation skills that is a good start prior getting in the USA.

Congratulations to have professionals Instructors on board.


John Paco Dradria

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por Karla C

21 de jul de 2020

Take this course! It is excellent! I consider myself almost a native-speaker, for I went to American schools starting in 5th grade all the way up to my Senior year in high school. And I still took the course! Why? I had always wondered why some 's's' at the end of some words sound like a 'z'. And why when I heard recordings of myself, my English seemed to sound softer ("ed" vs. "t" sound endings!). And so when I saw the title of this course, I thought I'd check it out. I could not believe my eyes when I found answers to my questions while taking this course. My English already sounds even better! Thank you to Coursera, the school and, of course, the teachers for putting this course out there.

por Vanessa B

19 de out de 2021

It was a very practical course. They explain how to pronounce the consonants. And the quizzes are all listening exercises, that way your listening skills can improve.

por Renato P

14 de mai de 2020

I really enjoyed this course, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone I know. Thank you very much for putting this course together :)

por Gloria V

31 de mai de 2022

Great Program! We can learn the correct way to pronounce all of the consonant sounds. And with plenty of opportunities to practice, we can identify the sounds that we need to improve on.

por John P D

20 de jan de 2021

The course strengthen the pronunciation skills that is a good start prior getting in the USA.

Congratulations to have professionals Instructors on board.


John Paco Dradria

por Pradeep H

5 de fev de 2021

A very helpful and insightful course to learn the articulation and usage of American Consonants. I enjoyed this course a lot. Thank you, tutors, and peers.

por Kelly R

1 de jun de 2020

Great content. Unfortunately, some peers do not understand grading criteria.

por Charles H G S

8 de set de 2020

The content of the course is awesome, but the interaction of tutors or teachers with the students are totally inexistent. For a course too expensive, at least one native tutor to review our audios and provide a truly feedback would be nice. Also my shadowing records was reviewed by other students that, sometimes, showing less knowledge then me because of their poor writing on the evaluation.

por Maria C F L

15 de ago de 2020

This is an awesome course to refine your pronunciation of the English language. I speak English as a second language and found several tips which I did not learn before about how to recognize sounds better (I have always considered myself to have a little hearing problem) and enunciate my words more so my students can understand me better when I lecture.

por Rosalie P

8 de dez de 2020

I enjoyed the class very much! It has given me extensive review of consonant sounds of English and challenged me to hone my fluency through shadowing exercises. Thank you so much Professors!

por Rocio M

12 de fev de 2021

I loved the course because it gives you real tools to pronounce the sounds. I learned the truth a lot. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate.

por Remi A

13 de ago de 2020

It's an amazing course. Thanks to all teachers of this course & coursera. I really enjoyed the course & learned a lot about American English Pronunciation.

por Angel R A J

27 de mai de 2020

I would strongly recommend it to anyone I know. I really enjoyed it. You will become almost addicted to this training.

por Odette L C

30 de jul de 2020

Clearly explained. Good tips to notice what mistakes you are making and how to correct them propertly.

por LIN T

28 de mai de 2020

It was amazing. I learned a lot of things and really enjoy this course!

por Sajjad S

10 de mai de 2020

It was an amazing journey. Well designed course.

por Berenice F N

13 de jun de 2020

Unique and useful!

por Mark K

11 de mai de 2022

The course is almost perfect. I really liked fullfiling and calm explanations of Ms. Yoshida. The course is designed universally for any foreigner so it covers pronunciation of all the sounds, thus those explanantions might seem a bit excessive when explained sounds exist in the mother tongue of a learner. But that's a plus, I just wish there was a bit more specific course for speakers of my native language so I could focus on the most challenging sounds more (/w/, /h/, th and s/z sounds in the positions one after another). What I really lacked is explanation of some consonant combinations that are pronounced differently and are not obvious for non-native speakers, by that I mean -mb endings like in words: comb, womb, tomb, bomb etc Maybe there are some other little secrets of consonants pronunciation I don't know still. All in all, I enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it!

por Md I H

5 de jun de 2020

This course doesn't give a proper evaluation of your assignments... Rubrics are terribly unclear.. Peers will evaluate you so differently.. I don't find this course valuable to buy a certificate. For additional knowledge YES, IT IS GOOD. Content is very well structured and explanations are well taught.

por Valentina D

20 de out de 2020

Este curso me gustó mucho. Los videos y formas de explicar ciertos sonidos son muy entretenidos y me gusta que en cada semana del curso contemos con consejos de profesoras sobre diferentes temas de pronunciación del inglés americano. Me encanta la tematica de imitar un dialogo ya que en cierta forma te hace sentarte por un largo rato, practicar y practicar y mejorarte a vos misma. Y luego esa actividad puede ser evaluada por compañeros. Los que me evaluaron a mi fueron muy amables y muy acertados en cuanto a sus consejos. Es un curso que sin dudas recomiendo!

por Jorge A B T

15 de dez de 2020

It seems the course has very smart planning of the course for me. Really achieve people to pay attention to details and make people to think of phonetic differences between languages, making emphasis in that some English sounds do not exist in the original language and vise versa, wich convince the student that it is necessary to be careful and to practice with details and let the shame apart to get Americans to understand what he say.

por Jemjira C

3 de fev de 2022

I love this course because it can help me to pronounce consonant sounds correctly. Moreover, the shadowing a conversation assignment was helpful for me because it forced me to imitate the sound like Americans. I really enjoyed studying this coure and I think I obtained new expreriences and more knowledge from this course. If you want to improve your pronunciation try to learn it. You certainly won't be disappointed.

por Cindy H

22 de jul de 2022

I really enjoyed learning about the consonants of American English. It's a very complete course, delivered in a language that can be easily understood. Phonetics is a topic that can be full of specific and complicated lingoes, but the teachers have decided to make it accesible to everybody, with a mastery that only the years of experience and love for teaching could have granted them. Thank you so much!


27 de jan de 2021

This class is very informative. we speak English as a second language in my country, and thought that I have most of this down but, there's always room for improvement also, I learned a lot about the IPA.

The videos are just right, its not too short nor too long. and they're easy to understand. love the shadowing activity.

Great course. I hope to complete the specialization in the future.

por Cora M S

4 de jul de 2020

Excellent. This course is so awesome and the teachers are brilliant and skillful, I love the way they speak it sounds music to the ears. I really learn a lot from this course and it help me build my self-confidence in talking to someone. I'll never stop learning - I love to learn more and I will enroll to the 3 more courses under this specialization.