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World and internet is full of textual information. We search for information using textual queries, we read websites, books, e-mails. All those are strings from the point of view of computer science. To make sense of all that information and make search efficient, search engines use many string algorithms. Moreover, the emerging field of personalized medicine uses many search algorithms to find disease-causing mutations in the human genome....

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7 de Jul de 2019

Very good course. String algorithms are very important in day today life and one should really know how to solve command problems related to it. This course have described everything so well.

12 de Mai de 2020

course content was great but i personally feels some difficulties in the implementation part so the course is meant to be more implementation oriented . thank you for the wondorful course

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por 刘杨晓康

8 de Nov de 2019

The explanation is very clear

por Hidetake T

11 de Jun de 2019

necessary experience

por Carlos D R S

24 de Jan de 2018

Está perro

por Sai M M

7 de Out de 2020


por Padmakumar N

5 de Ago de 2017

Very Good

por Ayush S

1 de Mai de 2020


por Kota M

21 de Set de 2016

The lecture was very abstract and difficult. I could pass the course somehow by writing the code presented in the lecture, but I must say I understand less than the half of the course contents.


Responding to question from the instructor, I clarify the comments above.

I found the whole lecture difficult. This may be because the subject is not something I have even thought about. It was difficult to understand the difference and importance of key concepts such as trie, suffix, class, etc. Overall, I learned that the tricks somehow work, but my comprehension was not as deep as I can think about the extension or applications. I guess more examples or providing intuition would help me to digest the material.

por David F

30 de Mar de 2017

My least favorite course in the specialization. The lectures are harder to follow, and are actually all about bioinformatics algorithms, which wasn't clear from the course description. Thankfully, as with the graphs course, Michael Levin wades in to save the day for the last couple of weeks. His lectures are really well structured, intuitive and clear.

por Daniel P

27 de Fev de 2018

I didn't think the lectures or slides in this course were clear and informative. It seems like they are going for the briefest, most efficient exposition possible. Which is not the same as making the material clear and understandable.

por Jenna W

19 de Jun de 2017

Continuing a steep curve, but I feel some of the assignments and psuedo-code are not as well explained in these lectures as in earlier ones.

por Fabrice L

13 de Fev de 2018

This module is a little less interesting than the other ones. Also the explanations are a bit more messy and not as thorough.

por Harsh V

29 de Jul de 2020

The instructor for the first two weeks doesn't explain stuff well. Last two weeks are great in comparison.


16 de Ago de 2020

This course could be more interactive, so we can gain more confidence on the explained algorithms.

por John B

26 de Mar de 2018

Quite a few times the algorithms were poorly explained, with incomplete or misleading pseudocode.

por Praveer D

25 de Out de 2019

KMP Algorithm not explained well. Initial few lectures on BWT were very fast.

por Lingjian K

20 de Fev de 2017

Good contents, but lectures could be improved for clarity.

por Lev S

12 de Mar de 2017

I think last week was too complex and not that exciting.

por Mykhailo M

12 de Ago de 2020

Hard to understand and examples are not clear.


24 de Jul de 2019

Need to be explained more nicely

por Grigoriy O

2 de Out de 2016

Very difficult test programs

por Alexander M

29 de Jun de 2017


por Henry R

13 de Jul de 2018

It really disappointed me.It was really badly illustrated especially in Burrow-Wheeler Transform. I total lost even watching video lectures many times. Burrow-Wheeler Transform and Inverse Burrow-Wheeler Transform are complex and complicated. The teacher only gave some specific examples and explanation is not clear.

por Juho V

26 de Jul de 2018

Really interesting stuff, but the explanations are not always very clear. Some of the algorithms are quite complex and they cannot be made any easier than that, but some well chosen visualizations would do wonders.

por Arpit V

26 de Mar de 2019

The explanation of suffix arrays and suffix trees could have been more slow and details explanation. I still had to refer videos on youtube to understand those.

por Ilya E

16 de Jun de 2019

Sometimes explanations in lectures are hardly understandable and examples are not very descriptive. I had search more clear explanation by himself.