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This course was produced by the Algae Technology Educational Consortium and UC San Diego with funding from the Algae Foundation, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Algae are an extremely diverse group of organisms that can be found in almost every ecosystem on the planet, and they play an essential role for life on earth. They are little bio-factories that use the process of photosynthesis to create chemical compounds that we can utilize for food, feed, medicine, and even energy. We’ve brought together some of foremost algae experts from industry and academia to teach you the fundamentals of algae. This course will cover what algae are, why they are important, and why we are interested in them for both their environmental benefit, as well as their use for products. You will also explore the vast diversity of algae including the characteristics and applications of some of the main types of algae that are in commercial use today. Later you will learn about algal ecology and how interactions with environment, including pests and predators, affect algal productivity. And finally you will examine the processes of algae bio-manufacturing including production processes, as well as some of the products, benefits, and challenges that impact our ability to make commercially viable products from algae....

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9 de abr de 2019

one of the best course to know everything about algae. I recommend all people who decided to work on algae pass this course. I learnt about different aspects of algae and seaweed. thanks Coursera.


2 de nov de 2022

Incredibly helpful to someone wanting to study ecological sciences at university! I highly recommend you complete the course as it doesn't take long. I very much enjoyed it. With love from the UK!

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por coco p

12 de out de 2018

This is a very informative, compact, summary course on algae. After finishing the course, you will have a thought map on algae from biological aspect to chemical engineering aspect. This is a really simple course, just to ease you in on the subject and you can move onto detailed researches on sub-subjects of algae with a greater understanding.

por Kevin W

7 de set de 2019

really want to meet all you guys, I really, really want to go to UCSD for algae biotech. I love the work of Brian Von Herzmon and professor Mayfield. Your work with the malaria vaccine and alginesis materials inspires me greatly and I want to make myself useful!

Thank you so much for offering these courses.

por Brandon O

15 de abr de 2019

Really in depth but simple to understand. I was not familiar with algae and after this it seems like something that I would like to pursue in a farm setting so Ia appreciate all the basics but again it was really in depth enough that i felt like I got my moneys and most importantly my times worth.

por Tee C S

1 de jul de 2020

Very interesting course started with introduction of the algae classification, how to grow the algae large scale to harvesting the cells. It also cover the bio-manufacturing which I found most interesting. I wish the algae bio-manufacturing expanding in the future to produce value added products.

por Lucia C

13 de fev de 2022

I've actually already taken up algae before as an elective while I was taking my undergraduate degree, so this was a refresher for me. This course was fairly informative for a shorter period of time. A lot of the important points that were covered in my college classes were also covered here.

por María V V F

10 de mai de 2020

Very educational, didatic, ineresting and entretaining course. It gives great insight of algae and algae production. The professors speak fluently and clearly for the student to be able to undestand and keep up with the course. I really liked it, and would totally recommend it.

por Savannah P

30 de dez de 2019

I found this course to be informative and interesting! The instructors lessons on algae diversity, ecology and applications were all very captivating. This course strengthened my existing interest in algae technologies and I am grateful that it was made available to the public.

por Luis E R G

8 de jul de 2020

This was an excellent course, so clear and easy to understand, it goes over all the major important subjects in the matters if algae, I hope some day this folks will open a new course about algae a little step further, like more specialized in taxonomic or applied industry.

por Alyson M

2 de out de 2021

As a long time fishkeeper, I've always been curious about all the different types of algae in my tanks. This course was an interesting look at algae's potential as a renewable and more eco-friendly solution to manufacturing so many of the products we use every day.

por Ruth H

7 de set de 2021

an interesting introduction to this topic. I thought I knew a bit about algae as a biology teacher, but I learned a lot more about them biologically and was introduced to a new and amazing area of the economic uses of algae. Thanks for the opportunity!

por Deleted A

15 de out de 2020

Fascinating subject. Extremely well presented by a team of some ten people., but the information is well divided between them. The lectures are well to the point. Does exactly what it says it will, give you a good introduction to the subject.

por Jiawei L

3 de nov de 2020

Very interesting and awarding course. Many speakers/professors will talk about different aspects of the algae industry. You will also learn about the background of algae. No biology background is required. You will learn a great deal.

por Muhammad A K

5 de jun de 2021

Courses from UCSD are very very informative, and interesting at the same time. This course is no exception. An extremely informative course which broadens your perspective of how to use algae, a green alternative, in so many ways....

por Kenan Y T

25 de mai de 2021

Amazing course. As a master student in plant sciences, I broadened my perspective on algae research. This course also enabled me to identify ongoing issues and groups that are working on them. Thanks for making this available.!!

por Abhilash K

10 de abr de 2019

It is the perfect Introductory course on algae ,most of the explanation is given in simple language from one algae pioneers , I would suggest every one this course , who want to know the applications of these beautiful creatures

por Jhonny E “ 4 R E

11 de out de 2020

Muy buen curso, he aprendido muchas cosas básicas que no sabia a pesar de que he realizado cultivos experimentales de microalgas en la Universidad. Muy satisfecho con el contenido y con los profesionales que dictan las clases.

por Kester L C

12 de set de 2019

Thought it was a nice accessible course for a beginner to algae, as I was. It covered key topics comprehensively, and touched on more complex issues to give students an idea of how to study further if desired. Recommended!


4 de nov de 2020

I was able to improve my knowledge. This course is very important for the degree I am currently studying (Aquatic Resources Technology degree program). Thanks to Coursera for giving me the opportunity to do this course.

por Aleksandar M

30 de out de 2019

Great introductory course for anyone who thinks algae are not interesting. There should be more courses like this, dedicated to groups of organisms that are neglected, yet essential and crucial members of our biosphere.

por Pim v d B

2 de nov de 2018

This coarse gives plenty of insights in different algae spiecies and how they are used. Some material is repeated multiple times which makes it more easy to remember. The lectures are all from the field of algae!

por Vijayalakshmi.M

24 de mai de 2020

Thanks a lot for providing good opportunity to learn basics of algae. Im happy to join in this course and successfully completed this course. Minimum effort gives better knowledge, it's possible by this course

por Ian F

20 de jan de 2020

This is an excellent introductory course to Phycology and Algal Bio-Manufacturing. Highly recommended to anyone pursuing the fields of marine biology, botany, ecology, bio-manufacturing, or cellular biology.

por Gabriela R S B

17 de dez de 2020

It's a great course to have a general idea of the processes involved in biomanufacturing algae. The course covers all the essentials to understand key processes. And very well explained. Thanks from Paraguay

por Samantha A

2 de nov de 2020

I had already earned a degree in marine biology. This course was a great insight on what is done with algae in terms of renewable sources and energy. Excited to get more involved with algae and biofuels.