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We all have to breathe to live. But the air we breathe is polluted both outdoors and indoors. Each year, this pollution costs 7 million lives across the globe – and a lot of suffering. 1 in 8 deaths is due to air pollution. This course will provide you with an introduction to the most recent research in the field of health effects of air pollution as well as a broader understanding of sources and spread of air pollution and what we should do about it. What is air pollution? What are the sources? How and where are we exposed outdoors and indoors? What happens in the body? Which diseases are the result? Who are the most vulnerable? How can we assess the effects of air pollution? And what should we do to reach the Sustainable Development Goal to “substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution”? These are some of the important questions we will address in the course. During the course you will meet researchers and experts from the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark. They work with different aspects of air pollution and health: toxicology, exposure assessment, epidemiology, engineering and health impact assessment. It is a global responsibility to combat the health impacts of air pollution, and this fight can only be won through new knowledge and global collaboration. We hope you will join us in the course and equip yourself to take part in this global and individual health challenge....

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16 de mai de 2020

An excellent course about Air Pollution. Gained a lots of knowledge and ideas about pollutants, diseases and various factors of air pollution. This course also gives us awareness about air pollution


16 de abr de 2020

After Learning this course I got more fundamental information in Air pollution. I recommend more people to study this course as Air is very very important element to live,

k. Veerabhadram

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por G M M

24 de ago de 2019

it is very useful to students


1 de nov de 2019


por Branaya R B

21 de jan de 2021

The lectures could be better spoken, I had to read the transcript in order to fully understand most of them and a lot of the transcripts were just one giant wall of unformatted text.

por Janarthanan. S

29 de abr de 2020

I didn't get my certificate

por Ken D

4 de mar de 2021

I got my certificate and after finishing this course, I definitely feel smart enough to join a conference call with professionals in public health and air quality. In only three short weeks, you'll get a crash course teaching you very concisely about all the things you need to know. I highly recommend that you watch the videos a few times and try to soak in what you are learning. A big thank you to the University of Copenhagen for developing this course. I really enjoyed the vlog-style investigation of air pollution in Copenhagen!

por Surinder S B

4 de jun de 2020

It is highly knowledgeable course, well planned, well executed and well conducted by the mentors and instructors. the course keep you involved upto your toes.The quiz questions are very simple but not easy, donot take it casual, only a dedicated study will lead you answer all the questions in first attempt. The course content is really admirable. Very very focused, pin pointed and out of the box knowledge is achieved through this course. you will really enjoy during learning through this course,

por ARUP S G

24 de mai de 2020

In these course I learn about the impact of air pollution on human body. Various kinds of diseases occurred in human body due to air pollution such as asthma, coronary diseases, lungs cancer etc. I also learn the indoor and outdoor sources of air pollution and how we mitigate it. We also know how mitigation of air pollution plays role fulfill UN sustainable development goals in 2030. These course is highly informative about air pollution. Finally, thanks to my course teachers.

por Sandra I S G

30 de jul de 2020

I like so much this course. This completes my training in environmental sciences, because in my master's degree there are no special courses on the subject. I am developing a thesis on indoor and outdoor air quality in my country, and this helps me a lot. It also introduces you to various parts of the topic from pollutants, the impact on health and vulnerable populations. I loved that they gave a lot of real data about world problems and examples in areas like public health.

por RITU R K

4 de mai de 2020

Really nice course. after this course I got to know so many things and aspects of Air pollution and their consequences. on our health.One more thing is that I'm from INDIA and professors taken example of Delhi ,which is very much affected by Air Pollution. So,Thank You to professors. Coursera providing different courses and study material is really appreciable. In this lockdown period I did many courses only because of Coursera. Thank You to Coursera.

por Afaq A

4 de nov de 2018

First step to resolve the problem is to realize there is one, same with air pollution the course teaches about health effects in most detailed way paving the way toward solutions. I was weak in health related consequences. In engineering institutions the air pollution courses mostly revolves around solutions not consequences. I think it would be better if someone completely understand the problem them move to the solution.

por Loveille J G

31 de mar de 2020

I really like the format of this course. Video lectures were not lengthy and were broken down into chunks, and quizzes were done right after these short lectures. As a result, retention of the information from the lecture is better. Moreover, the lecturers of this course were engaging, which is a plus for an online course, where there is no face-to-face or physical interaction.

por Debora C N D P

10 de mai de 2020

Incrível !! As descobertas que fiz, foram impressionantes. Um assunto que não é dado muito atenção, mas que impacta enormemente 24 horas por dia em nossas vidas! Até para usar a torradeira, eu vejo que emito poluentes, e nós seres humanos inclusive. Muito importante o conteúdo e vou levar para a vida toda esses ensinamentos! Muito obrigada.

por Puviarasi S

3 de out de 2021

It's a very Good Course. I was Thinking Air Pollution was Just a Pollution caused by industries and our Activities , But its more than what we think ,actually we live between many particles and that may also harm us in some way or the other in this course I've got many Ideas How to avoid Air Pollution and live a Healthy Life.

por Abdullahi M

3 de jan de 2022

The course is reach, enlightened and educative to the global threats of air pollution in our environment and how it affect us. Possible ways of mitigating those effects were highlighted and how our world could be safe and a better place for all. Additionally, I am proud to have completed the online course on air pollution.

por Barbara

12 de abr de 2020

I found this course a very good basic course on air pollution, usefull for professional goals as well as for personal knowledge. I'd really like to attend an intermediate course on air pollution, with some experimental insights and more details on indoor air pollution even in the western (European for examples) societies.

por Orlando P

17 de mar de 2021

It is an agile course that provides an introduction to the topic of air pollution and its impact on public health. Both the content and the exhibitor effectively convey the message. Thank you very much for creating such valuable content. There is a lot to do with this problem, especially in countries like Peru, mine.

por Mya K K

28 de nov de 2020

This course gave me a lot of fresh information concern with air pollution not only for the public but also for myself and I become aware that air pollution is a really serious problem in our environment and we need to control ourselves as much as we can to maintain fresh air at our environment.

por No'maan A R

23 de set de 2020

Its an excellent course by University of Copenhagen. I can now understand the air pollution level in the world. So I can now make awareness among the people of my city and my country. Also I can make understand my classmates about air pollution. Very Very thanks to all the professors.

por Gbedonu B

25 de set de 2020

Air pollution refers to the release of pollutants into the air that are detrimental to human health and the planet as a whole. The CleanAir Act authorizes the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect public health by regulating the emissions of these harmful air pollutants

por evelyn m k

16 de nov de 2020

I learned a lot in regards to both outdoor and indoor air pollution. Prior to this lecture course, I knew more about outdoor pollution but thought very little about indoor air pollution and it's health consequences. Thank you lecturers! I've enjoyed listening to all of you!


17 de mai de 2020

Thankyou respected sir this course is very helpful to me and this course give me knowledge about air pollution how they harmful to us , awareness about air pollution and most important they know about diseases which is cuased by air pollution .this is course bus very helpful.


14 de mai de 2022

This course has been taught in a very easy-to-undertsand manner. You just require basic knowledge about what air pollution is(example:- pollution meaning, atmosphere meaning and its different divisions, particulate matter meaning etc.) and you are good to go for this course.


30 de jul de 2020

it was a very useful course. I got to know about the history of air pollution and how it's getting reduced now. The main part of the course is week 3 were I came to know how to control indoor air pollution. Thank you so much coursera for giving up courses like the.

por Malathi

25 de mai de 2020

Today we are facing many problem due air pollution, So that we need proper guidance and prevention measure to control the pollution. In this title, it will uses to study about current problem and gain general awareness to maintained our healthy life.

por Juan S L C

19 de jun de 2020

I found this course a very complete and justified indtroduction to air pollution, it shares very important fundamental concepts, highlighted statistics about health effects and relation with climate. Thank you University of Copenhagen for this.