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How does Google Maps plan the best route for getting around town given current traffic conditions? How does an internet router forward packets of network traffic to minimize delay? How does an aid group allocate resources to its affiliated local partners? To solve such problems, we first represent the key pieces of data in a complex data structure. In this course, you’ll learn about data structures, like graphs, that are fundamental for working with structured real world data. You will develop, implement, and analyze algorithms for working with this data to solve real world problems. In addition, as the programs you develop in this course become more complex, we’ll examine what makes for good code and class hierarchy design so that you can not only write correct code, but also share it with other people and maintain it in the future. The backbone project in this course will be a route planning application. You will apply the concepts from each Module directly to building an application that allows an autonomous agent (or a human driver!) to navigate its environment. And as usual we have our different video series to help tie the content back to its importance in the real world and to provide tiered levels of support to meet your personal needs....

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12 de out de 2017

Great into to Java, instructors have clearly put thought in to the format with the choose your own learning style videos, and additional coverage where it may be needed. These have been very helpful.


7 de jun de 2017

Fantastic course! I would recommend to anyone interested in learning the graph data structure in a fun and hands-on and engaging way! Definitely one of the best courses I have followed on Coursera.

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por Shyam B

28 de jan de 2016

This was a very useful course which covered the main fundamental aspects of graphs in Java. The assignments were very interesting and challenging as well. The lecture videos provided all the information in a very detailed manner. There was nothing more I could ask for. Overall it was a great experience!!

por Sangeet M D

6 de set de 2017

How this specialisation take a novice to the professional level developer is something I have never seen in any other courses I did so far. I really appreciate the UCSD team for developing such a course with Coursera. Thanks to the teachers for explaining all the concepts in such a simplistic manner.

por Konstant K

22 de fev de 2016

The course is well-laid and very interesting. Even though the material is pretty difficult and advanced. As always the great talent of Christine, Mia and Leo is beyond praise.

I definitely recommend this course for developers who want to improve their mastery.

Many thanks for the brilliant course.

por Patrick M

18 de jun de 2016

Good course. The example application is fun (looking at graph data structures as part of route planning in a Google Maps based app) - and there is room to experiment. I continue to enjoy the instructors, who present well and have obviously done a good job preparing the material. Much fun!

por Bhagwati P

19 de jan de 2020

The whole specialization is just superb work. It's fantastic for a java developer like me who uses lots of frameworks and language specific collections without knowing the fully correct implementation of the data structure. It solidifies your basic understandings.

por Paul H

12 de jun de 2016

Loved it. Once again the skeleton code provided and course material was great. It was once again introducing new concepts which were never part of BASIC, FORTRAN or DELPHI. So I enjoyed the pain of having to get my head around the objects and code.

Thanks !!!!

por Anurag N

23 de dez de 2018

Excellent course to improve your programming skills. The pedagogy and the content both are excellent. Although this isn't a course entered around UI development at all, one future enhancement could be to use a modern web app as the UI instead of desktop app.

por Rahul K

17 de jun de 2020

Instructors are great, they taught each concept very well, though project was a bit challenging, but had a rich experience of each concept of oop and collections of java....Thank u so much for this course, will be waiting for new such courses

por Alexei R

22 de out de 2017

Very good course. The hands on material makes it easy to learn and they are fun. It's challenging, however, starter code and excellent video lectures gave me the tools required to meet those challenges. Thanks to Coursera and UCSD.

por siddartha

6 de abr de 2016

A lot of work has been put into this course. You will get to learn a lot and use a lot of Java collections framework. You will also get to use concepts of Polymorphism and Inheritance if you are not already familiar with it.

por Upamanyu S

4 de set de 2016

It would be very, very beneficial if maybe one or two more videos were added to dive in-depth into ADTs and their method callback run-time analysis. Aside from that this class was educational and interesting as expected.

por Duan L

3 de jul de 2020

Very great and useful course that teaches us how to solve real-world map searching problem by implementing graph algotithms and such an experience is challenging but exciting during the course. Great courses!

por AKIL P R

22 de dez de 2021

The concepts were taught in the easiest way possible. The course covered the major portions of the Graph Data structures which would be very essential and necessary in solving problems based on graphs.

por Ahmed M A H

24 de dez de 2015

Best and complete course series in course era. The best course staff of any course I have taken. The best quality of instruction and knowledge gained.

Thanks to all team worked in this specialization

por Mayco M

20 de fev de 2016

What I really enjoyed in this course was to discover how to represent streets and intersections and finally trace a path from a starting point to a destination, like a GPS! Really nice!

por Bharat S

12 de jan de 2016

Splendidly covers path finding basics. Enjoyed the course.

It would be great to go into advanced algorithms useful for programming challenges (like SPOJ) with the same instructors.

por David W

29 de jan de 2019

The map exercise that was used throughout this course was wonderful- it really helped me apply these concepts and algorithms to a real-world example that I could understand.

por Reyter O G C

28 de out de 2020

Un curso increíble, he aprendido muchísimo sobre los grafos y su aplicación en el mundo real. Es por eso que me encanta esta plataforma, ya que sus cursos son muy prácticos

por Петухов И А

1 de jun de 2019

For me it was quite hard to understand some data structures because I did not attend the previous course on data structures. Despite that fact, I really enjoyed the course.

por Ian W

22 de ago de 2019

Very good course on graphs with some challenging projects. These really helped me nail down the concepts and get a deeper understanding of algorithms and data structures.

por Feng Z

6 de jun de 2017

Although it is a little bit hard for beginner, it's really useful !! I am so happy that I have learned a lot about graph since there are many difficulties in this course.

por Ankit S

20 de ago de 2016

Very nice course for clearing the concept of the advanced search algorithm and applying them in the real world scenario. Well designed course and programming materials.

por Carl H

1 de set de 2017

This was the hardest course I've taken so far, and I think I've learned the most from it. If, like me, you're self-taught, I guarantee you'll benefit from this course.

por Brendan S

2 de abr de 2020

This was an excellent course for those looking to learn more about graphs (and to get experience in coding graphs in Java). The UCSD instructors are excellent.

por Aditya L

30 de jan de 2016

Easy to Understand. Beautiful Course. Interesting Assignments and Quiz. Will help in my Career. Good Job by Google Engineers ,Coursera Team and the University.