<p>Mikhail Trofimov is a PhD student at Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences. <br>He holds Master degree in Intelligent Data Analisys from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. <br>His highest overall rank at Kaggle is <strong>21st</strong>.</p> <p>Top positions in international data analysis competitions:</p> <p><strong>14th</strong>/170 teams on <em>The Allen AI Science Challenge</em> - Learning model to pass 8th grader exam, <em></em><br><strong>11th</strong>/1972 teams on <em>Data Science Bowl 2017</em> - Identifying lung cancer with computed tomography, <em></em><br><strong>9th</strong>/952 teams on <em>Acquire Valued Shoppers Challenge</em> - Predictung which shoppers will become repeat buyers, <em></em><br><strong>5th</strong>/3514 teams on <em>Otto Group Product Classification Challenge</em> - Classifying products into the correct category, <em></em><br><strong>3rd</strong>/377 teams on <em>Microsoft Malware Classification Challenge (BIG 2015)</em> - Classifying malware into families based on file content and characteristics, <em></em><br><strong>2nd</strong>/285 teams on <em>The Hunt for Prohibited Content</em> - Predicting which ads contain illicit content, <em></em><br><strong>2nd</strong>/1326 teams on <em>Crowdflower Search Results Relevance</em> - Predict the relevance of search results from eCommerce sites, <em></em><br><strong>1st</strong>/143 teams in MIPT team on <em>DataScienceGame 2016</em>, <em></em></p>


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