<div> <strong>Degrees&nbsp;</strong> </div> <div> D.Eng. (2006) &amp; PhD (1991) Stellenbosch University (South Africa).&nbsp; </div> <div> Dr. habil. (1995) RWTH Aachen (Germany).&nbsp; <br> <br> </div> <div> <strong>Industrial&nbsp;</strong> </div> <div> Outotec Director - Technology Management at Outotec Oyj Finland ( <a href=""></a>) and previously Chief&nbsp; </div> <div> Executive Technologist Outotec-Ausmelt since 2006 (Outotec 3rd Globally most Sustainable Corporation announced in Davos 22nd January 2014 during World Economic Forum <a href=""></a>. </div> <div> Mintek (manager furnace control group), South Africa 1994-1996.&nbsp; </div> <div> Anglo American Corporation (process metallurgist), South Africa 1984-1985.&nbsp; <br> <br> </div> <div> <strong>Academic&nbsp;</strong> </div> <div> Adjunct Professor at Aalto University (Finland) since 2012.&nbsp; </div> <div> Guest Professor at the Central South University in China since 2012.&nbsp; </div> <div> Professor &amp; Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne (Australia) since 2005.&nbsp; </div> <div> Professor at TU Delft (Netherlands) as well as Emeritus 1996-2012.&nbsp; </div> <div> Adjunct Professor at University of Stellenbosch (1999-2007).&nbsp; </div> <div> Supervised (and co-supervised) 22 PhD and 106 Master students.&nbsp; </div> <div> Over 390 publications in books, encyclopaedias, journals, and conference proceedings and is the main author of the book “Metrics of Material and Metal Ecology” (Elsevier 2005). Co-Editor of the book “Handbook of Recycling” </div> <div> (Elsevier 2014): <a href=";hl=en&amp;oi=ao">;hl=en&amp;oi=ao</a>.&nbsp; </div> <div> Subject editor and serve on the Editorial Advisory Boards of 4 academic journals: Minerals Engineering(Elsevier), Waste &amp; Biomass Valorization (Springer), Process Safety and Environmental Protection IChemE &nbsp;(Elsevier), Erzmetall (GDMB).&nbsp; </div> <div> Lead author of the United Nations Environmental Protection (UNEP) Report “Metal Recycling: Opportunities Limits Infrastructure” </div>