Mikhail Plotnikov has diplomas in Linguistics and cross-cultural communication and in Human Resources Management. He also has MBA degree. He is a Doctor of Sociology, his thesis title is «The development and use of the social management technologies». Mikhail Plotnikov is an organizational development consultant since 2005 and he has already consulted more than 200 large companies in Russia and other countries since that time. In 2013 he founded Vadens Business School, which he leads now. Mikhail is a master of business administration and the author of articles and books on the methodology of business education and case-study techniques. Dr. Plotnikov is a certified instructor on participant-centered learning. He sharpened his skills in Harvard Business School (USA, Boston) in 2008, 2013 and 2014. Besides he is a co-organizer and a member of the advisory board of the Global Summit on Management Cases (India, Raipur).