Pradeep Kurukulasuriya leads UNDP-GEF supported efforts around the world on supporting countries to access, combine and sequence financing from the various global climate funds as well as other sources of finance, including from the private sector. He oversees a climate change adaptation portfolio of over $750 million at UNDP, with financing from the Least Developed Country Fund, Special Climate Change Fund, Adaptation Fund and several bilaterals including Government of Australia, Germany, Japan and Flanders. Pradeep previously undertook work for the World Bank as well as an NGO focused on Environment and Development in Sri Lanka.

An economist by training, he holds a PhD in Environmental Economics from Yale University, and MPhil from Cambridge University. His research findings on the economic valuation of climate change impacts and various adaptation options (crop choice, irrigation, etc.) in the agriculture sector has been published in leading international journals such as World Bank Economic Review, Climatic Change, African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Climate Change Economics and others.