George Siedel

Williamson Family Professor of Business Administration and Thurnau Professor of Business Law


George J. Siedel completed graduate studies at the University of Michigan and Cambridge University. Following graduation from law school, he worked as an attorney in a professional corporation before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan. Professor Siedel has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. He has also served on several boards of directors and as Associate Dean of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Professor Siedel was a Visiting Professor at Stanford University and Harvard University, a Visiting Scholar at Berkeley, and a Parsons Fellow at the University of Sydney. He has been elected a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University's Wolfson College and a Life Fellow of the Michigan State Bar Foundation. As a Fulbright Scholar in Eastern Europe, he held a Distinguished Chair in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The author of numerous books and articles, Professor Siedel is the recipient of research awards from the University of Michigan (the Faculty Recognition Award) and the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (the Hoeber Award, the Ralph Bunche Award and the Maurer Award). The Center for International Business Education and Research selected a case written by Professor Siedel for its annual International Case Writing Award. Professor Siedel teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Michigan and seminars to business leaders around the world. His Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Successful Negotiation” has attracted hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide and is one of the most popular courses in history. Professor Siedel has received many teaching awards, including the 2014 Executive Program Professor of the Year Award from a consortium of thirty-six leading universities committed to international education. CV:


Negociación exitosa: Estrategias y habilidades esenciales (en español)

Negociações de sucesso: estratégias e habilidades essenciais (em Português)

Negociações de sucesso: estratégias e habilidades essenciais

Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model