Anther Kiley

Faculty, Program in Graphic Design


Anther Kiley is an LA-based graphic designer and full time faculty in the Graphic Design program at California Institute of the Arts. He received a BA in history from Princeton University (2006) and an MfA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design (2013). He is co-founder and one half of The Service Bureau, an interdisciplinary design studio straddling LA and Austin Texas. His work includes exhibition design (the 2012 RISD Graphic Design Triennial, contributions to Graphic Design: Now in Production at the RISD Museum), print and web design (for the RISD Museum, RISD Global, the Design Office, and other clients), typeface design, and several public-facing projects and installations with his students. He also maintains an artistic practice, exploring aesthetics and mythologies of function, production, and the design process, and has exhibited work in Rhode Island and Washington DC.